Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning

Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning

Who’s Who

Picture 1

Headteacher - Mr White

Picture 1

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Fox

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Fox 1


Mrs Challis, Mrs Johnson, Mr Wilton, Mrs Mayers, Miss Cossey, Miss May, Miss Bourin, Mrs Wilton, Ms Holmes, Mrs Pagan, Mrs Bagshaw, Ms Spencer.


Mr Crisp, Mrs Tungate, Mrs Harvey, Miss Murphy, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Saunders, Miss Lewis


Miss Boyce, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Riggall, Miss Woods, Mrs Lawler, Mrs Walker, Mrs Gooding, Miss Ward, Mr Galea - Pace, Miss Schroder, Miss Stafford, Mrs Batty, Miss Klimaszewska, Mrs Hurley, Mrs Knights, Miss Petty, Miss Brabben,

Office Staff.

Lisa, Chrissie and Debbie

Lunchtime Assistants.

Mrs Dixon, Mrs Walker, Miss Boyce, Mrs Read, Mrs Honeyman.

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