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Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning


Our Curriculum


We want our children to enjoy school, to develop enthusiasm, perseverance and a questioning approach to life that will prepare them for the future stages in their education.

If you want to understand more about the OBPS Curriculum please read the document embedded below.  


As our starting point for our curriculum we use the National Curriculum.  This ensures that we have a broad balanced offering that enables our children to develop in many ways.  There is a link to the National Curriculum below should you wish to look at it.


Our Curriculum Policy, also available on this page, explains in greater detail our rationale behind how we deliver our OBPS Curriculum, which not only encompasses the whole of the National Curriculum, but surpasses it by looking at the wider range of skills and attributes  that we would like our children to learn.


We aim to give children experience through a whole range of activities that are often interwoven and not necessarily separately identified.  We call these lessons 'Topic'.

At Oulton Broad School the class teachers are responsible for the majority of the classroom work, thus allowing a variety of skills to be applied and practised in a wide range of circumstances. Within each class the teachers are aware of and are sensitive to the differing abilities of the children in their care, and the pace and content of the work is varied accordingly.



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We teach the foundation subjects through topics. At the end of each phase every child will have covered the full entitlement of the national curriculum expectation.


We believe that by teaching phonics effectively we enable children to discover a lifetime love of reading. Although we don't follow a recognised scheme in its entirity, we do take resources and ideas from a number of sources.

We use materials from 'Read, Write, Inc.", Pearsons Bug Club Phonics, as well as producing our own resources as and when appropriate.

At OBPS, our phonics teaching sequence is split into 5 phases/27 units.


Children progress to the next unit when they are confident. Tricky words are also taught at specific times. Children's reading books are matched to their phonics ability.

Relationships and sex education


At Oulton Broad Primary School, we believe we have created a tailored curriculum that arms the children with the vocabulary, knowledge and understanding they need in order to know what is happening to their bodies.


We believe for this to be successful, learning should begin in Early Years, and continue throughout the children’s time with us.

Relationships and sex education

This document was co-constructed with parents, and reviewed with a volunteer parent focus group in Autumn 2023.