Oulton Broad Primary School

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Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning

Late/Absence Procedures

We consider good attendance and being at school on time as extremely important.  

Sometimes, unavoidably there will be times when your child is forced to miss school, due to ill-health.  When this is the case we ask you to call the school office as soon as possible and let us know your child will be absent.

We lock the gates around the school at 9.00am, so if your child is going to be late for school we ask you to bring them in through the school office so we can sign them in safely. 

Although being late for school is unfortunate, and if it becomes regular does have a negative impact on your child's education, we guarantee your child will always be received warmly whatever the time! 

We want them here with us!

Should I keep my child off school?

Term time Holiday Policy