Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning

Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning


The most important thing we do at school is keep your children safe.  To ensure that we do this effectively we have very thorough and detailed procedures in place.  Overseeing safeguarding at the school is the responsibility of the DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead).  This is Mr White. If he is not available the Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Fox.

If you have any concerns regarding the well-being of a child, please speak to any member of school staff.

We also have a governor who is responsible for overseeing the school's safeguarding work, and every year we thoroughly audit all the school's procedures and policies to make sure we are effective at keeping your children safe as we can be.


DSL - Mr White


ADSL - Mrs Fox


Named Safeguarding Governor - Camilla George



Child protection and safeguarding policy