Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning

Oulton Broad Primary School

Caring, learning, winning

School Values

Values and Ethos.


Did you know that by law one of the things that a school must publish on its website is a statement of its ‘Values and Ethos’?

The whole staff team have discussed what we believe that statement should say. Our overwhelming conclusion was that we didn’t want our school described in ‘management-corporate speak’. Instead we thought that a better way to do it would be just to state what we believe our school is about.

Our school is about –

*making sure we care about every child here, and that we ensure every single child is treated in the way we would want our own children treated

*ensuring the standard of teaching and learning at our school- every single day- is exceptional

*helping every child come home from school each day feeling like they’ve won

*inspiring a confidence in our children, so they understand that with hard work, anything is possible

We did however agree what our next step should be. To go and do something that’ll make our school even better, rather than worrying about the exact wording of this.

Our children will always be the most important thing about our school.

Must go- learning to do.

Mr White


This document is on display in every space in the school. It is written collectively by all the staff and redrafted each year. It is the best way to summarise the school on one page..